About Us

The cornerstone for Zakir Sha Exports (Pvt) Ltd was set in 1976 when the founder of this organisation M.R.M. Nizam inherited the knowledge of tea from his beloved father. With years of hard work and a bag full of experience gained through his father M.R.M Nizam initially traded in the local tea industry as Crystal Traders. The growth of Crystal Traders led to the establishment of Zakir Sha Exports (Pvt) Ltd. As years passed by Nizam’s son present Director joined the organization bringing in both the inherited knowledge of the world of tea and the scholastic knowledge of Business Management.

Zakir Sha Exports (Pvt) Ltd has immensely benefited by its prolonged presence in the trade which has helped build a prominent network of suppliers within the tea industry. Our supplier network is not regarded as an external entity. They are also considered as part of the firm as they contribute towards the final product we deliver to our valued customer. These suppliers are carefully evaluated on all quality variables prior to selection.   

Zakir Sha Exports (Pvt) Ltd. have been in the tea trade for more than 3 decades. With demand for our tea from other countries we stepped into exports and have been exporting to various countries around the world for more than 2 decades. With such long experience we offer our customers high standards of quality Ceylon tea.

We at Zakir Sha Exports, export tea to more than 10 destinations across the globe, and our know-how tend to continue and grow. We deal in a variety of teas, which include various types of Black Tea, Green tea & Flavoured Tea.

We place high interests on customer requirement and make certain that we not only meet the requirement but at the same time go beyond customer satisfaction.