Tea with Tranquillity

Our company undertakes export orders from a number of continents which include Europe, Middle East, Asia,& Africa and also is courageous to continue expanding into other regions.

Our tea is tasted and graded by experienced & well trained tea tasters. Selected finest quality teas are purchased from leading tea estates and are packed and exported according to the customer requirements.

We also produce flavoured tea which has been processed and operated under sterile conditions ensuring high standard and quality.

Zakir Sha Exports purchases from selected, trusted and experienced tea plantations, ensuring high quality tea purchases for blending, we recognize this as a very prominent aspect of our business as the quality of the cuppa tea that is sipped all around the world starts here. We understand the significance of this process and have regarded this as the heart of our business.

Zakir Sha Exports is locally known as Zasha for its reputed tea brand. Locally the brand attracts a huge demand purely for the consistency in the quality maintained and the reasonable pricing of the product. The brand has won a very loyal customer base which is fast growing in most parts of the country.  The portfolio consists,

  • Tea Pouches 50g 100g 250g 500g
  • Tea Bags (25-50-100)
  • Tea Bag Catering pack- 1kg